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Health and fitness information for women over 50 hosted by Jennifer Gale, author, International Presenter, Researcher and older women’s health and fitness tipster. Featuring special guests and experts on being a fit and healthy woman over 50. Learn the nitty gritty - everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask - about being fit and healthy after 50. Not your usual women’s health and fitness podcast.
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Sep 30, 2016

Amy McAuley is passionate about power-hooping and making exercise fun. Amy moved with her family to New Zealand and had been power-hooping in the UK. There weren’t any classes in New Zealand so she set them up herself because she loves it so much. 

Most of us would have used a hula hoop as a child. Power-hooping is like hula hooping on steroids as the hoop is weighted. Not only do you use it around your waist but the hoop is used to incorporate aerobic, weight work and Pilates to give you an all-round workout that is also a lot of fun. 

Amy talks about the benefits of power-hooping both physical and mental and the sense of community that attending classes can give you. 

Amy’s top tips; find something you love to keep you exercising and take time to care for yourself every day. 

Sep 23, 2016

She Science is an amazing little company founded by Tish Monahan that is devoted to ensuring women are supported. Eh not in the usual way but in the most important way with their sports bras and gear making sure they can achieve great things. 

Tish is really passionate about providing the best solutions for every woman, a passion born out of her own experience and one which she works hard at achieving. Tish talks with me about buying and choosing the right bra for you and being comfortable no matter what. We go into detail about whether or not you should have underwire and why a tank top is really not enough. 

Tish understands that not all women are the same size and might have different needs for their tops and bottoms. She Science stocks up to a size J and 22 which is quite something. She has a team of people dedicated to working with women of all shapes and sizes. 

Join Tish and I as we talk about the trials and tribulations of being active whilst being comfortable. 

Sep 16, 2016

Lisa is a yoga practitioner, teacher and leader of retreats to India. Lisa took up teaching yoga full time as an older woman after a career in Public Health and she hasn’t looked back. After managing to do her first headstand at 44 Lisa realised that there was so much more she could do with her life if she only tried. 

Lisa talks about her practice, and about the many health benefits of Yoga, from calming your mind through to being a part of a community of like-minded people. We talk through how to find the right yoga, and the right yoga teacher for you, as well as a discussion on online yoga and its uses. 

Lisa also discusses Menopause and the use of mindfulness to help you travel that journey naturally. Lisa’s number 1 tip “Treat Yourself Lightly”. 

This conversation will inspire you to have a go at Yoga that is if you don’t practice already.

Sep 9, 2016

Toni Planinsek talks with me about her amazing life. More pointedly about her experience of dealing with 2 bouts of breast cancer and now ovarian cancer.  

You would think that this would have made her feel a little defeated but Toni has a very philosophical view on being ill which is I think unique. 

Listen in as Toni talks through her experience and the differences 20 years has made to the treatment of women with cancer. Particularly the preservation of a woman’s hair, and what that has meant to her. 

Toni is a positive and exuberant woman with a passion for life, who seems to have learned the lesson of gratitude for each and every day, and every thing.  

This is a very personal conversation about having cancer as a woman. How it makes you feel, what changes in you and what might be a good philosophy to deal with it. I was honoured she was prepared to share this with me and with you. I encourage you to listen in.

Aug 26, 2016

Water off a Ducks Back, I’m sure we all know that saying really well. This week’s guest, Moira Tobin, felt it reflected her philosophy on health and fitness so well she named her business after it. A business focused on food that you grow yourself, and physical fitness using the outdoors and your own body. Nothing fancy just plain common sense and using what you do every day to be healthy and well.

Moira had always wanted to walk the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory of Australia. Having been there to see it with her family she had thought it would be too hard for her to do. Then one of her best friends and training partner died suddenly and she realized that life is short and set about training for and completing it.

Moira’s story contains some remarkable insights into the simplicity of keeping well and healthy, and about taking time for yourself so you can be there for other people.

Moira’s big tip drink more water. If you do nothing else, drink more water.

So if you have something you have always wanted to do it then set your goal and make a plan.

Aug 12, 2016

Kokoda Trail Blazer Yvonne Shepherd is the Chief Adventurer for Women’s Fitness Adventures. What a cool title…. Yvonne decided a few years ago that she should do something special in her 50th year. Unlike most people she eschewed the usual romantic options of champagne in Paris or a Hot Air balloon flight, and with some of her friends and family they decided to walk the Kokoda Track. 

The Kokoda Track was made famous through the 2nd world War and the defense of the Pacific against the Japanese. It is an incredibly grueling, physically challenging 96 km trek through the Owen Stanley Ranges in Papua New Guinea, a single person track through a tropical jungle. It is also well known as a vehicle for taking a long hard look at yourself and your life. 

Yvonne gives us an incredible insight in what it takes to do something like this. Shares some of the good and not so good things about an adventure of this type and talks with me about the effect this has had on her and her family. Yes she also took her teenage son along. 

Yvonne enjoyed this so much she is now putting together a trip so that other women can experience this for themselves. Watch this space. 

An incredible woman and an incredible journey.

Aug 5, 2016

Do you have bad knees? Do you despair of ever being able to get fit? Well, this might just be the conversation for you. Tracey Hynes is an inspirational woman not just because she tries to be fit and healthy but that she managed to teach her knee to bend so she could ride her bike. By teach I literally mean that. Tracey couldn’t even do one revolution on her bike because her knee would not bend but she persevered for weeks on end until she could get around all the way and then she hasn’t looked back.

Her success spurred her on to even greater things such as actually taking mountain bike lessons and learning how to fall off without really hurting herself.

Tracey has since had one of her knees replaced with the other one on the way. Again Tracey used her bike as a motivation and rehabilitation tool to get her out in the fresh air again.

An inspiration to keep on going and don’t stop when you really, really want to do something.

Jul 29, 2016

Ever wanted to feel like flying? Well meet Hitz Legit 137, alias Krishna Everson, ace roller skater and amazingly fit and fifty woman who does the next best thing, roller skating. Krishna saw her first pair of skates at about age 8, fell in love with them and has been skating ever since. She loves it so much that one day when she was asked if she would like to try out for a roller derby, there began another chapter of her skating life. Krishna talks about the physicality of skating and the benefits of it, as well as taking us through some of the rules and language of the game.

Krishna encourages us all to at least go and watch a game, with great music and the glamour of the players she says you will be hooked. If you know how to skate then pull them out of the cupboard, put them on, and go for a spin. If not go anyway and maybe you can learn too, after all we only live once.

Jul 22, 2016

Undies under your Knicks or not? Find out the answer when I chat with Jan Stevenson about women's cycling gear. We cover off everything from correctly fitting helmets through to little gadgets to help you be seen and why you shouldn't shake hands in your gloves. Even if you don't ride it is a fun conversation about women being fit and having fun.

Jul 15, 2016

Resilience in times of change. What is it, why do you need it and how do you get it? Listen is as I talk with Valerie Orton an expert in resilience and helping people harness it to manage life’s ever changing landscape.

Our conversation takes us from a ski lodge in Austria, to the wonders of your mirror and loving yourself. Valerie talks about the 7 “R’s” of resilience, which she features in her about to be released book, and shares what she thinks are the three most important things for women over 50 in developing resilience for themselves.

A very in-depth conversation about what it takes to be a more complete human being so you can enjoy what life has to offer you.

Jul 8, 2016

One of the most interesting things that can happen when you are over 50 is the arrival of Grandchildren. For many of us it is a new and different experience as we revisit all of the things we learned as young mothers.

Dympna Kennedy works with new mothers, and fathers in the first 12 months of the babies’ life. In particular women who have had a high flying corporate career or executive position where everything has always turned out just right. As we all know a new baby is not at all like that and it can be a pretty hair raising journey as you learn all about your new little person.

Dympna also works with the extended family and that more often than not involves Grandparents which is why she is talking with us all about how to be a great Grandmother. Dympna takes us through some of the science of new babies and their brain development to explain why they behave as they do. She also talks about how to help and how to be a part of making sure a new baby feels safe and loved.

Jul 1, 2016

Trish Walker amazing, incredible shrinking woman and an absolute inspiration. Trish had spent her whole life battling with being very overweight. In fact, she gained and lost 50 kgs three times during her life until she found a solution that worked for her.

Trish talks candidly about what that journey was like and how she found the key to remaining fit, healthy and well. Her conversation will inspire and delight you and I am positive there will be some things that you can relate to as well.

Jun 24, 2016

Feeling a little Nutty? If you really want to know the amazing facts about nuts and why you should be eating them then this is the episode for you. Accredited, Practising Dietitian Sally Marchini joins us again to give us the latest information on Nuts.

  • Why they are so good for you.
  • What are the best kinds
  • How many should we have every day and what exactly are nut butters?

We also bust the myth that nuts make you fat and talk through the research around that.

Listen  in and crunch up.

Jun 17, 2016

Persistence, planning putting yourself first and patience. No special guest today just a discussion by myself on some of the things we need to pay attention to in order to be fit, healthy and well. If you are wondering where to start, or restart, then listen in to what I call the first plank in your goal as a healthy woman over 50.

Jun 10, 2016

Dr. Karla McKinlay is just simply an inspiration. Karla is an Ironwoman Triathlete and the first Australian woman over 70 to compete in an Ironman race. Karla has an amazing life story full of adventure and inspiration. Karla will be competing in the holy grail of triathlons in Kona Hawaii later this year after qualifying in the Port Macquarie event. This is an achievement considering she only started at the age of 62.

For those of you who don’t know, an Ironman race is 3.8k swim in open water, a 180k bike ride and then a full marathon.

 If you ever thought you couldn’t do something then listen to Karla, she will surely motivate you. One of her tips is never say that something is beyond you.

Jun 3, 2016

Cherri Davis is a master tea blender specialising in organic tea, and tea blends, that are good for your mind, body and soul.

Tea has been, and remains, a large part of many of our lives. The history of it, the ritual of it and the many tastes of tea, can evoke strong memories for many of us.

Cherri talks about her journey to being a tea expert and takes us through some of her favourite blends. We also talk about how to make the perfect cup of tea any time at all.

Put the Kettle on and listen in as we talk all things tea with Cherri.

May 27, 2016

Simone Leslie is a Neuro Strategist. What is that I hear you say? Well Simone works with the patterns we have in our brains that form our habits. and helps you to re-route your train tracks. A process she calls “Boot camp for the Brain”.

Join Simone and I as we go deeply into life, depression and self love. Simone talks about her journey to this work, and takes us through the process she uses to help you find fulfillment and acceptance of your true self.

This is a very deep and meaningful conversation that I am sure you will enjoy and learn from as much as I did.

May 20, 2016

Oils a'int Oils, Amanda Cuda is a Raindrop Technique Practitioner and an expert in essential oils. People have been using essential oils for thousands of years with the first known documentation found in the pyramids, as well as in Native American Indian Healing and over 200 references in the Bible.

So what are essential oils really, how do you use them and how can they help you be fit and well? Amanda explains what makes them unique and gives us some great tips for using them to relax and to sleep, as well as to focus.

If you want to know what a raindrop technique practitioner is then you will need to listen in.

May 6, 2016

“Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair” from the musical Hair. Stella De Zotti hairdresser extraordinaire is this week’s guest and we are talking all about hair, of course. Stella delves into the science and physiology of hair to explain how and why your hair looks and feels the way it is. We also talk about oestrogen and its relationship to how our hair looks.

She encourages us to stop and think about our hair, how to choose the right style and colour and also how to choose a hairdresser who is right for you. A fascinating and informative conversation with a passionate woman who knows more than I ever knew there was to know about hair.

Apr 29, 2016

A royal conversation with Amanda Edwards where we talk all things horses and the Queen. Amanda had her first ride on a horse before she was even born, and the earliest photos of her are of her on a horse. Amanda digs deeply into why having a connection with a horse could be good for your mental health as well as the physical benefits. Including amazing arms from carrying feed and saddles, and exceptional pelvic floor muscles. If you have ever wanted to try riding or if you are looking for something different have a listen and give it a try. Amanda also takes us through what to look for in a riding school and riding instructor.

Apr 22, 2016

Sophie is the author of “Road-testing Happiness” an ABC medical journalist and health commentator. Sophie and I chat about being happy. What it is, what you need to attain it and what you can do to have more of it.

We explore the elements she believes are necessary for happiness and some simple ways to incorporate them into your life.

Sophie’s top tip; just move, when you are stuck the simple act of moving will release you from that moment and give you a better perspective.

A really enlightening and down to earth conversation that will leave you feeling like you can be happy too.

Apr 15, 2016

Yes, there is another man in this tent. Andrew Barlow is passionate about feet, and the legs that are attached to them.

A qualified Podiatrist Andrew runs a number of clinics in Australia, and there isn’t very much he doesn’t know about how to care for your feet and legs and how to keep you walking and running on them, and enjoying your life.

Andrew and I discuss the mechanics of caring for your feet. And the biomechanics of how we move.

We cut through all of the marketing hype about shoes and dispel the myth that red shoes make you go faster. Cover what are the best shoes to use for what activity and how to get them fitted properly, so they help you keep active rather than give you pain.

Andrew also takes us through some of the very latest things that can be done to improve the way your feet sit in your shoes.

A great discussion on why you should not suffer pain when you exercise as a result of your shoes.

Andrews tip: Peep, & Pump, Not Point, Block Heels Under 5cm & Flatties under the desk.

Apr 8, 2016

Wow is all I can say about Debbie. An incredibly passionate woman, passionate about supporting women and their lives through dance.

Debbie reveals some of the secrets of belly dancing, and clarifies a few misconceptions about the reason there is belly dancing at all. Debbie talks about the power of the dance and the woman in the dance.

You will be transported back to the times of the early Hollywood movies and the famous Mata Hari? Who is that I hear you say well listen in and see.

A truly delightful conversation that will make you want to get up and dance.

Apr 1, 2016

Maggie’s story is one of remarkable resilience and positivity. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the brain and how it works. More importantly though how we can unlearn bad habits and relearn new ones that keep us healthier and happier.

Maggie talks about how our belief systems can cause us internal stress which is incredibly detrimental to our health. Also how we need to learn to challenge our beliefs if they are not giving us the life we want, or deserve.

This conversation will challenge you to become your own emotional detective and covers everything from Avocados to neural pathways and back again.

One thing I can promise you is you will come away with a more positive attitude to taking control of your life, and being happy with yourself.

Mar 25, 2016

Jules Galloway, Naturopath and Vibrantly Healthy Woman and creator of the 12 week Shiny Healthy You from fatigued to fabulous 12 weeks. Jules is a qualified naturopath who spent her early years doing what most of us do and living life to the absolute limit. Unfortunately, this meant that she also was chronically unwell with a variety of niggling issues that seemed to follow one after the other. Jules was introduced by her friends to the world of natural medicine and mostly good food and decided to go and learn for herself.

Over the last 10 years she has honed her philosophy down to what can only be described as simplicity itself. Put simply it is first and foremost about what you eat and the quality of that food.

Listen as Jules discusses her program that helps women get back to basics, yes basics how to cook and eat really good food.

We also talk about the role of stress in our lives and how that does seem to be at the center of most things that happen to our bodies.

A delightful and enlightening discussion about being healthy by eating simple, unprocessed foods and lots of full-fat dairy, and the importance of managing your stress.

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