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Health and fitness information for women over 50 hosted by Jennifer Gale, author, International Presenter, Researcher and older women’s health and fitness tipster. Featuring special guests and experts on being a fit and healthy woman over 50. Learn the nitty gritty - everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask - about being fit and healthy after 50. Not your usual women’s health and fitness podcast.
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Oct 13, 2017

Shar Qui Bellydance Fitness with Oreet. This is not your usual fitness class, and definitely not your usual belly dance class either. Oreet specially designed the SharQui belly dance fitness because she wanted a faster more intense workout, along with all of the benefits of belly dancing. Oreet also designed the music to match. 

Listen as we chat about the history of belly dance, and it has nothing to do with men. Using finger cymbals when you dance and why that is a part of belly dancing. More importantly the benefits of doing something you love to keep fit. 

Check out your own free 30-minute SharQui Belly Dance download by going to the podcast page on my website.

Oct 6, 2017

Jo Drennan is a very funny woman but she wasn’t always that way. After a lifetime of very straight and structured thinking Jo realised that she needed to change if she was going to enjoy the rest of her life. Jo did something that not many of us would even think about doing let alone follow through with. Jo decided to go and learn how to do Improv Comedy, and it changed her life. Learning to communicate using humour has unlocked her passion for living, her ability to communicate with the people around her and most importantly allowed her to really live her life. 

Listen in to a very, very funny conversation about life as a woman, being yourself and dating as you get older.  

Sep 29, 2017

Bliss Runner host Suzanna Miller and I delve into the mysteries of the female body, sexual energyand orgasms, yes you read that correctly…Suzanna thought there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing in her physical relationships and so she started meditating on a deep level. To her surprise her body reacted in an interesting way.  

Listen in to a detailed discussion about personal energy, sex, your body and things you can do to really enjoy your physical relationships.  

I learned a lot and I am sure you will too. Make sure you have your headphones in! 

Sep 22, 2017

Listen in and have a good laugh whilst I interview Heather Joy Campbell a Laughter Yoga practitioner and teacher. Heather and I explore how good laughing is for you, and how your brain doesn’t know the difference between fake and real laughing. Heather gives us some little tips for pretending to smile so you get the endorphins to de-stress immediately. She also gives us a few hints for incorporating mindful, or thoughtful laughing into our everyday. I guarantee that you will be smiling at the end of this conversation.

Sep 15, 2017

Feldenkrais, have you ever wondered what it is? Join me as I discuss this amazing practice with Margaret Kaye, an experienced practitioner and inspirational woman.

Margaret takes us through a little mindfulness and exercise practice you can do sitting in your chair to show us exactly how powerful being aware and moving gently can be for your body and its movement.

We talk about how you can retrain your body to move better and with less pain if you just become more aware of what it is you are doing with it.

A really enjoyable and interesting conversation about your capability and the ageing myth.

Sep 8, 2017

Leah Steinberg is an expert in “stuff” but particularly in managing your “stuff”. Leah talks with me about the service she offers to people who need to declutter and downsize. You know all of those things you have stored under the bed, in the shed and in that dusty cabinet? Well Leah can come in and help you pack it, sell it and get rid of it so you can go off and travel the world without worrying about the dusting.

Leah and I talk about the trials and tribulations of clearing out your life and moving on, and the international movement of senior move managers. A very practical discussion about getting the right kind of help and making some space in your life.

Sep 1, 2017

Weight, what is it really, and what are you really made up of? This week I ponder that question with Accredited Practicing Dietitian Sally Marchini. Sally and I talk about a new machine that can tell you the exact make up of your body especially where your fat is hiding. Why is that important? Well it does make a difference to your health, so listen in to find out where it should and shouldn’t be. 

Sally and I also talk about women’s health week and the importance of looking after yourself and attending to your own health checks. 

Aug 25, 2017

Have the courage to take the first step Drag your bike out of the shed and have some fun. Tina McCarthy is the very definition of fun. Behaving like a child comes naturally to her especially when riding her bike.

Tina is the founder of Wheel Women, a group dedicated to teaching women cycling skills and increasing the number of women riding their bikes. Tina is also the recipient of the Iris Dixon Medal which recognized her contribution to women’s cycling. 

This conversation has some great tips for starting out but also great commentary on being a “sports” person as a woman over 50.

Check in and then check out on the road and into nature and have some fun.

Aug 18, 2017

Eating whole foods for your health with Sal Prothero qualified Nutritionist and whole Food practitioner. Oh yes my favourite topic FOOD. Sal Prothero took quite a while to actually get her nutrition qualifications but like every good woman she never gave up. Sal talks with us about the benefits of eating foods in their whole state as much as you can and the advantages for your body.

We touch on what carbs really are and why you shouldn’t eliminate them from your diet completely. What you can eat for your brain health. Probiotics and keeping your gut healthy so it can absorb all the nutrients you need.

So get out there and have a slice of sourdough (oh yes they do make gluten Free ones as well) with some good pickles on it.

Aug 11, 2017

Get Help FAST that’s the message from this week’s incredible woman Shelagh Brennand. Shelagh, not quite 50 at the time, was out in her garden just a few years ago when she started to feel quite unwell. Unbeknown to her she was actually having a stroke. Fortunately, Shelagh’s son was home, and after collapsing she ended up in the back of the ambulance and on her way to hospital. 

Shelagh and I chat about what having a stroke has meant to her. Her experience through diagnosis and recovery, and her amazing life now.

Shelagh has now dedicated her life to helping others understand about stroke, and has recently published a book of poems, “A Stroke of Poetry”, that she wrote to help her through her recovery.

Her biggest tips; be grateful for all you have, and know the signs of a stroke.

Aug 4, 2017

“It’s never too late in fiction or in life to revise” so said Janis Joplin. My guest this week has certainly lived that mantra since she turned fifty. Jeanette Anderson from Nature Direct talks with me about changing your direction in life, taking risks and keeping active and curious as you get older. 

Jeanette will definitely inspire you to take on the thing you have always wanted to do. We talk about how other people view you, and what happens when all of a sudden you are not the person they have known for the last 50 years, and how challenging that can be.   

Jeanette’s outlook on life is full of energy and determination to really enjoy her time on this earth. Listen in it might be just the inspiration you are looking for.

Jul 28, 2017

Just Juicy and all thing Menopause with Blogger Mel Kettle. In her early 40’s Mel Kettle started to have some unusual symptoms that she knew had nothing to do with stress. Her journey to diagnosis of an early perimenopause sent her online and blogging about just what it is like to be a woman facing all of these things. 

Mel and I talk about the good, and bad, of what happens to you personally when you live through this part of your life. Everything from the joys of not having periods through to the inability to sleep every night, and all things in between. 

Mel has some really practical tips for hot flushes and sleeping, as well as her biggest wish… that we talk about this a lot more with the men in our lives so that they too can understand what is really going on. 

Jul 21, 2017

Respect Yourself and have some boundaries, one of the gems from this week’s conversation with Talli Kimelman. Talli is one powerhouse of a woman who has spent her life doing what she loves, and interestingly what she actually knew she wanted to do from day one, caring for children.  Having trained as a teacher Talli went on to have 11 children who are now grown. Talli then decided this was her time and she could start to do all of the things she had wanted to. An experienced parenting coach, childcare director, author of Make Mine Mensch and mentor to many young parents. Talli gives us some great tips for being a great grandparent and also being good and kind to yourself. A truly delightful conversation with someone who fills every minute of her life. 

Jul 14, 2017

Yes, that is right you can rule your little corner of the world using an activity app called Run and Rule. Best of all it’s free.  

This week I catch up with Clare Sanders from Run and Rule, a new activity tracking app for IPhones that she and her partner have developed.  

The app tracks your activity and then uses that to allow you to build up your territory, therefore letting you rule your world.  

It’s simple and easy to use, but best of all great fun. You can have teams, as well as using it on your own. 

Clare also shares some great tips for making activity a part of your everyday.  Give it a go you never know it might just be the one thing that keeps you out there and moving.

Jul 7, 2017

Listen in as Jennifer is interviewed by Janine Hall, from Organic Lip Balm, about her new book which is now available in hard copy. 

Jennifer explains why she wrote the book and discusses the four sections. Preparing, Pursuing, Persevering and Purchasing and how they fit together As well as how you might use it to design a fitter and healthier life for yourself as a Fifty Plus Woman.

Jun 23, 2017

Let’s talk the whole thing out. If you are confused about what these things are and how they affect you then listen in to Carla Johnson Accredited Practising Dietitian. Carla gives us the real deal on how fat actually works in your body. Did you know the babies use their brown fat to keep warm? Also that not keeping your house too hot can actually help your brown fat burn more energy in your body.  

Carla takes us through what kind of fat is the best to have, oh and that you should be having some good fat every day. We take a brief diversion to talk about coconut oil and what it really is. 

So eat up, add an avocado and drizzle some olive oil on that salad and be merry.

Jun 9, 2017

Corina Collins decided it was time to create a new life and as a part of that took to designing her own sport wear for real women, and in colors other than black. Yes, women who are a little bigger than size 6 and definitely over 18. 

Corina talks with me about her decision and also about what makes good sportswear and what you should look for when buying. We talk about good design, designs with sleeves and buying good quality so you can’t see through, especially your tights! 

Check it out there will be some tips in here for everyone. 

Oh and since we interviewed Corina her company has now processes to ship overseas.

Jun 2, 2017

“When you’re sitting on the edge of the plane with your legs tucked under the fuselage you realise there is no backing out.” 

Alison Vidotto is a mother of 6, an award winning business woman and an author, who has a challenge for herself to do one extreme thing every year. This year it was skydiving!  

Why would you do that I hear you say? Join me in an exploration of her adventure, and her reflections on life and how to live it well.

May 26, 2017

Leanne has a passion for helping people get the best out of their life. Despite pressure to become a Doctor Leanne decided that drowning people in pills was not the best way to go, and that exercise and movement was more likely to get long lasting results.  

Leanne has a fascination for the human body and takes us through some simple treatments for some of the aches and pains we might experience. This includes an in depth discussion on why heat packs really work and when and where to use them. 

If you have ever wondered when to use ice and when to use heat, and exactly how your body responds to injury, then this conversation will definitely fill in your information gaps.  

May 19, 2017

Bespoke perfumer and clinical aromatherapist Angela Vrettas and I take a delightful romp through the world of scent. How essential oils and their powerful properties as well as their smell can contribute to your well-being. 

Do you remember the smell of your mother or some other significant person in your life? What smells do you love and just what kind of smell or perfume do people relate to you?  

Angela talks about how she identifies a person’s essence so she can create a bespoke perfume just for you. Such a lovely conversation one destined to make you smile the next time you smell something you recognise. 

May 12, 2017

Dr Elise Sullivan, author of “Laying Bare the Power of You”, entrepreneur, dedicated horse woman and woman over 50 and I talk about life and the journey through your fifties. Elise takes us through some of the significant journeys in her life and we both reflect on how good it is to be over 50 and what that can mean for you as a woman. We cover everything from being silent for 10 days with Vipashna meditation through to a modern day love story and also cover off easy ways to feel at one with yourself. 

Listen in for a funny but insightful look at one woman’s journey to empowerment and good health.

May 5, 2017

Yesiree Fit N Fifty Plus managed to get not one but three guests on to talk about boxing, why you should do it, what you need and also how much fun it can be.  

Join with Peta Gillian ( yes almost a regular), Alexander Norris and Sallyanne Milham, all from Strong Healthy Women Brisbane, as I try to get to grips with the fun of punching.  

All three women are fun and have great tips and insights into getting fit and having fun.

Mar 24, 2017

All I can say is wow I am in awe of Jenny Ryder. Having developed a passion for being fit and healthy just before she turned 50 Jenny decided to go the whole hog and buy a gym a year ago and she isn’t looking back.  

 Jenny talks about what makes a good gym great and what you should look for in a good gym as well as giving us her tips for keeping fit and healthy which includes “Make it Fun”. She also talks about “Suck it up Buttercup” an obstacle event she is training some women for. You really will love this conversation.  

 If ever you are in downtown Grafton NSW look her up she has offered a free session!  

Mar 17, 2017

I’m lucky enough to have enticed Kristie Melling back into the studio to talk about taking good care of your body through massage, and how to do it yourself. Kristie from Feeling Peachy is a thoughtful, practical and vivacious massage therapist who believes in being kind to your body but also learning how to take care of it yourself. 

Join us as Kristie takes us through her new “Recharge Your Body” and “Couples Massage” programs and gives us a couple of really worthwhile tips for taking care of your feet and your partner.

Mar 10, 2017

Yes this weeks’ topic is X-rated, that is we are talking about sex, vaginas and things you can do to help you have a full, happy and sexy life. I am speaking with Natalie Holzgrefe from V’Juvenate about vaginal and sexual dysfunction and incontinence, and the latest technology to help you with these issues. 

So no missing out on your gym sessions or feeling uncomfortable and then not doing what you need or would like to do just because of problems “down there”. This is an depth discussion about a fascinating new treatment that might be just the right thing for you.

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