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Health and fitness information for women over 50 hosted by Jennifer Gale, author, International Presenter, Researcher and older women’s health and fitness tipster. Featuring special guests and experts on being a fit and healthy woman over 50. Learn the nitty gritty - everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask - about being fit and healthy after 50. Not your usual women’s health and fitness podcast.
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Feb 15, 2019

Wearable Devices why, when and what to look out for? Peta and I talk through the use of wearable devices.

We take a little journey through the development of them and how we have both used them. We also talk about the top things to think about if you are thinking about buying one and how they might help you either keep on track or keep motivated.

Listen in to understand a little more about them and also which one you should ask for, for your next gift.

Feb 8, 2019

Have you lost your Mojo? Well, we all do sometimes even me. Peta from Strong Healthy Women talks with me today about how we might get back the feeling of excitement.

I challenge Peta to talk me through how to get it back. We also talk about why it goes away and how it is all a part of the ebb and flow of life.

Feb 1, 2019

When things don’t go to plan, how do you keep healthy and well? We all have those times when the world just falls to pieces. Our partners get really sick or one of your family members needs more support than normal or even when you move house and your routine is disrupted.

We talk about the little things you can do to have some semblance of control over your diet and activity. How to build in some activity and learn to listen to your body. We also touch on what to do when the world has overwhelmed you and some of the things you can do to reconnect and also help someone else. What is your community and how do you define it?

Jan 25, 2019

Peta from Strong Healthy Women and I chat about stretching. Why you should do it? What exactly it does for your body and how to incorporate it into your daily life. Stretching is so important as you get older because it stimulates collagen as well as getting rid of the by-products of exercise and helping your blood get around to where it is most needed. Of course we have a bit of a laugh and confess that we didn’t start until we were both quite old. Listen in to understand how this is one of the habits you should be making for yourself.

Nov 9, 2018

Your brain, menopause, hormones and how it all affects your eating with Justine Cecile. The one thing I love about my guest and women I meet is their amazing back stories and how they end up helping other women. Justine has a fascinating back story, but most of all she has one of the most unique approaches to wholistic care during menopause for her clients. She is a functional, diagnostic nutrition practitioner, which means a science and functional based medicine approach to healthcare.

We spend time talking about your brain, and how the way we manage our brains can affect our transition through this fabulous part of our life.

A life long learner Justine talks about her journey with fibromyalgia and her mission in life to help women be healthier versions of themselves.

Oct 12, 2018

XXX Menopause and Tantric Sex yes we are going into a very deep conversation about all things sexual with the very knowledgeable Janet McGeever. Janet has recently co-authored a book with Diana Richardson on “Tantric Sex and Menopause, Practices for Spiritual and sexual renewal.

Phew.. well it is a bit of a hot topic especially if you are menopausal. Janet gives us some amazing information about why many women might not be enjoying sex with their partner or worse still just giving up on sex and intimacy.

Janet talks about love and connection and how we all need to slow down and start experiencing the joy of relationship. We also cover off why we might just be missing out on some good things for the rest of our bodies as a result.

I learned a lot and I am sure you will too.

Sep 28, 2018

Women’s Health Physiotherapist and very smart woman Angela Melit joins me in the pod this week, and how amazing is this woman? Angela’s passion is trying to keep us all moving and being able to do the things we really want to do.

We talk through incorporating things into your everyday movement to improve your pelvic floor functioning instead of leaving it to your gym / exercise session. The importance of posture and breathing in everything you do so you can reduce the pressure on your pelvic floor and keep It healthy.

There’s so much more in this chat but Angela’s parting point is to think about what do you want to be doing when you are 80 because you need to prepare now.

Sep 14, 2018

A trainer with a difference that is exactly what Alison McGrath is. As a woman with a lifetime of experiences, Alison’s approach is to bring all that she has learned in life together. With this she is able to help other women who are still working to get the very best out of their lives and themselves.

After her initial career in the fitness industry Alison went off and pursued a career in corporate and small business becoming extremely successful but also undergoing the highs and lows of that life. It was one of these lows that finally made her realise she wanted to go back to working with women to help them be fit and healthy even if they too are in stressful and high powered jobs.

We talk all things fitness and how hard it can be as a woman to make time for yourself. We also go a little down memory lane and chat about aerobics classes and her intention to reintroduce retro classes complete with leotards.

Aug 31, 2018

Ageless Confidence what exactly is it? Peta Gillian and I talk through the lessons we learned at the Ageless confidence workshop Peta hosted in Brisbane. As well as what we learned we go through the hints and tips from the speakers and what the amazing women thought about being together and listening to different things. Everything from a speaker on incontinence to how to look good in your cozzie, or swimsuit depending on where you live. An interesting chat with some great tips to incorporate into your healthy life.

Aug 17, 2018

Go Live, Get Your Voice Heard and share all of that passion and wisdom you have amassed in your life. Yes this week I chat with the Queen of LiveStream Victoria Rose about going live, videoing and all that goes with it.

We talk about why it is important to get our voices out there into society and how much older women in particular have to offer to those around us. We of course also talk about being fearless and taking risks and Victoria discusses with me why taking a risk is so exciting and can be defining for your life journey. As she says don’t let the dash between the beginning and end of your life leave you wondering what that was all about. Make it matter, stand up and be heard…

Jul 20, 2018

Winter Warmers How to Keep Going when you don’t really feel like it. A conversation about how to keep motivated and why you can’t really rely on it. Peta from Strong healthy women and I go through the many things you could do to support a healthy exercise habit.

We delve into your inner reasons and goals you have for yourself and how these need to be strong enough and important enough for you to ignore the weather and other distractions. In a conversation that spans the globe as usual we cover off everything from clothes to exercising at home.

Jul 6, 2018

Yes indeed today my good friend and colleague Peta from Strong Healthy Women Brisbane interviews me yes me Jennifer from Fit N Fifty Plus about all things Menopause. We talk about the good the bad and the ugly and put a much more positive spin on the best part of your life.

The usual hormone discussion but with an evolutionary twist and some tips and hints from both of us about travelling through this period of your life. The number one takeaway is that everyone’s journey is different and if you need help then go out and get it.

Jun 22, 2018

Just how do you know what to do and ask when someone close to you gets very ill and you all of a sudden become a carer? The Carers Compass is an organisation established by Dianne Gatto who had this very experience when her dad became very ill.

I chat with Dianne about becoming a carer, about all of the things she learned and how the Carers Compass can help someone new to their role. This I s not generally something we choose and it generally doesn’t happen when we think we are ready for it. Listen in for an inside information about becoming a carer.

Jun 8, 2018

Communicating in a Relationship can be quite difficult and we also bring so much of our past, and our bad habits, with us into the space. This week I talk with stand up comedienne Jo Drennan and her business partner Ilka about their fabulous Facebook live series about just this very topic. Ilka and Jo present a very funny look at how we live our lives and what we do with our relationships through live streaming. The very best thing is they are older women who have lived quite a bit and so they have a unique and very funny perspective on what and how we tick.

May 18, 2018

Just what are the pieces of this healthy life puzzle and how can you incorporate them easily into your life so you can get more out of it? Just a little question that Peta, from strong Healthy Women, and I talk about in this conversation.

Believe it or not, they are not the most complicated things in the world but actually understanding them and establishing how you can improve each part will make a difference to your health and wellbeing. As usual, this conversation takes us to some interesting places.

May 4, 2018

Just what does this word mean to you? Actually what does it really mean in our modern context where many of us go on to have more than one career. The second one starting after we have supposedly retired. Meet Maria Patserakis who is dedicating her time and energy to helping women actually retire with “Joy”. Maria and I go deep into what this means for women, the opportunities it opens up and Maria also gives us the heads up on what you need to think about ahead of time. No this is not a discussion about money, thank heavens, but one about the most important thing to you and that is your life and what you do with it.

Apr 20, 2018

Working out at home with Peta Gillian from Strong, Healthy Women Brisbane. Peta and I take you through your house, garden and maybe your farm to show you how you can make the everyday a part of your exercise routine. We talk about incorporating fun with your family into your fitness routine as well as an interesting discussion about what you might wear whilst working out in the comfort of your own backyard, apartment, house or property. Some really good tips to set up your own workout with things you already have. 

Apr 6, 2018

Broken hearted? Well this week’s guest Leah Shepherd can really help you get some perspective and help you really understand what is really going on. Leah and I talk all about relationships, breaking up and grief about not having that certain person there anymore. Leah’s own story is a fascinating journey into understanding what happens to you physically and emotionally when you “break up”.

Leah has spent many years researching the physiology of this type of grief initially to understand her own reactions, but then to understand more so she can help others.

If you have ever wondered why it hurts so much then listen in, even if you haven’t it is a fascinating topic about the connection between your body and soul so to speak.

Mar 23, 2018

Peta Gillian from Strong Healthy Women joins me to talk all things weights and weight training for women.

Why training with weights and resistance training is important and just what can you do.

As usual, Peta has some fun little tips to keep you smiling. We talk through the difference between actual weights and just using your body. Balance skills and how to jazz it up a little.

Mar 9, 2018

Well what’s next. Did you know that when you walk you are nearly always balancing on one leg? This week I talk with “The Barefoot Podiatrist”, Paul Thompson about understanding your feet and the impact that they have on your body and your health.

Paul started out his career as a ”normal” podiatrist but his own issues with his feet, and having a small child got him interested in the role shoes play in our lives. Most importantly, just how very important your feet and their connection to your brain actually is.

Paul and I talk about one of the best ways to improve your movement by actually taking your shoes off. We talk about how you might transition to doing more barefoot action and also set some challenges to help you improve your balance. A truly insightful exploration about movement and how to improve yours as you get older.

Feb 23, 2018

Yes the delightful Sally Marchini APD joins me once again in the hot seat to talk specifically about eating for your exercising body.

Sally talks in detail about what you should and should not be worrying about. As well as some really good advice on keeping it simple. We cover off on superfoods, carb loading and a whole host of other things food related.

Feb 9, 2018

It would be fair to say that personal trainers come from all walks of life and backgrounds but JJ Armstrong has possibly the best and most fascinating background of anyone I have ever met.

You see JJ was responsible for the personal training of combat soldiers in the British Army. So in fact their lives depended on their fitness and that was what JJ was responsible for. It’s fair to say that JJ’s journey since then has been quite remarkable from being one of the few female trainers in the British Army she went on to learn even more by studying at the prestigious United States Sports Academy.

All of this has led her to develop a different approach to ageing, keeping fit and burning fat. She has 2 well tried and tested programmes Transform2Alpha and T2A Combat Aging. A very inspiring and intelligent woman we have a fantastic conversation about just how hard is too hard, and the physiology of getting and keeping fit as we get older. We also talk about the power of your mind and how that can make or break your health.

Oct 13, 2017

Shar Qui Bellydance Fitness with Oreet. This is not your usual fitness class, and definitely not your usual belly dance class either. Oreet specially designed the SharQui belly dance fitness because she wanted a faster more intense workout, along with all of the benefits of belly dancing. Oreet also designed the music to match. 

Listen as we chat about the history of belly dance, and it has nothing to do with men. Using finger cymbals when you dance and why that is a part of belly dancing. More importantly the benefits of doing something you love to keep fit. 

Check out your own free 30-minute SharQui Belly Dance download by going to the podcast page on my website.

Oct 6, 2017

Jo Drennan is a very funny woman but she wasn’t always that way. After a lifetime of very straight and structured thinking Jo realised that she needed to change if she was going to enjoy the rest of her life. Jo did something that not many of us would even think about doing let alone follow through with. Jo decided to go and learn how to do Improv Comedy, and it changed her life. Learning to communicate using humour has unlocked her passion for living, her ability to communicate with the people around her and most importantly allowed her to really live her life. 

Listen in to a very, very funny conversation about life as a woman, being yourself and dating as you get older.  

Sep 29, 2017

Bliss Runner host Suzanna Miller and I delve into the mysteries of the female body, sexual energyand orgasms, yes you read that correctly…Suzanna thought there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing in her physical relationships and so she started meditating on a deep level. To her surprise her body reacted in an interesting way.  

Listen in to a detailed discussion about personal energy, sex, your body and things you can do to really enjoy your physical relationships.  

I learned a lot and I am sure you will too. Make sure you have your headphones in! 

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